Public Policy Engagement

Public policy has a hand in driving outcomes in every aspect of agriculture and food system issues where philanthropy engages – access to healthy foods, small farm viability, local and regional food systems, rural community development, environmental toxins, safe workplaces, food sovereignty,  fundamental rights to self-determination, and more.

Additionally, structural inequities within our agriculture and food system result in disproportionately negative impacts on specific people and communities – low-income, rural, and people of color. Such outcomes are not accidental – they have been driven by public policy at the federal, state and local levels. Philanthropic investment and engagement in public policy development and advocacy is critical to shifting that dynamic, and indeed, has catalyzed much of the progress made in recent years on sustainable agriculture and food systems.

SAFSF works to engage the full capacity of philanthropy in public policy. Our policy programming helps funders policy skills and knowledge, while fostering collaborative action and building relationships with policymakers at the federal and state levels around areas of interest.

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If you have any questions about SAFSF’s policy work or would like to deepen your involvement in our policy programming, please reach out to SAFSF staff by emailing [email protected].