Caesaré Assad

Vice President of Impact, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders

D: 405-207-8207 | [email protected]

Caesaré Assad, using all pronouns, brings over two decades of experience at the forefront of food and social change across the sectors of industry and entrepreneurship, local and national non-profits, and philanthropy. They’ve most recently supported nonprofits and foundations in developing strategic grantmaking programs, food system assessments, and cross-sector partnerships through their consultancy, Centipede Collective. Previously, Caesaré served as the Executive Director of Food System 6, empowering frontline leaders and entrepreneurs in building a more equitable food economy. Their advocacy efforts resulted in over $30 million in integrated capital support during their tenure, amplifying the impact of over 60 visionary founders.

Caesaré is a 2022 Just Economy Institute Fellow and a 2021 Emerging Leader in Food & Agriculture. Additionally, they are a strategic co-creator with Narratives Unbound, a wealth redistribution platform prioritizing Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. Prior to FS6, Caesaré led the merger between two national non-profits focused on health, labor, and sustainability, co-founded a food environment design consultancy, launched two wellness ventures for Whole Foods Market, and worked in marginalized communities to develop job skill training, nutrition, and holistic health programs. 

As a seasoned facilitator and executive leader, Caesaré enjoys guiding organizations and teams through complex socio-economic landscapes to achieve values alignment and maximize impact. They have served on the Board of Directors for Capay Valley Farm Shop, Mandela Marketplace, Oklahoma City Food Hub, and continue to dedicate their time to volunteering with community-based organizations. 

In addition to their professional endeavors, Caesaré is also an artist and actively involved in various creative healing and restorative communities. As a proud queer, non-binary, multi-racial individual from a rural Native American community, Caesaré brings a unique perspective and lived experience to their work. Drawing from years of experiences as a laborer and cook, they are acutely aware of the systemic oppression, extractive practices, and racial injustices inherent in our current economy. These understandings fuel Caesaré’s unwavering commitment to stewarding Mother Earth, nourishing communities, and fostering pathways to collective liberation.