Member Feedback and Ideas

Connect with your SAFSF peers. Initiate and produce programming in collaboration with and for your SAFSF peers.

SAFSF welcomes the opportunity to help you produce programming that is of interest to you and your SAFSF peers.

At a time when the issues we all care about merit even greater resolve and collaborative effort, SAFSF has a reinforced commitment to enabling our members to achieve greater impact. Our strategy is focused on harnessing the power of our membership and community by strengthening connections, fostering collaboration and building capacity.  Member-driven programming gives us the space to do just that.

SAFSF members have the opportunity to initiate and produce issue- and strategy-related programming and events for your peers throughout the year. Program ideas should be relevant to the SAFSF network of philanthropic and/or investment communities supporting any number of issues related to equitable and sustainable agriculture and food systems.

In addition, SAFSF encourages our members to share ideas for dynamic and engaging speakers that we should know about as we develop programs and events for our membership. As we develop programming, we strive to highlight new and fresh voices and to highlight a diversity of perspectives in terms of race, class, geography, gender, etc.

We encourage you to read through the following frequently asked questions before submitting a session or speaker idea.

Who can develop/host a webinar, member briefing, or other program for the SAFSF network?

SAFSF members: SAFSF members may share and host programming ideas for funders in the SAFSF network throughout the year. All programs must be sponsored by at least one SAFSF member. This includes webinars, member briefings, other events (shared with SAFSF staff through our submission form and/or other communications) and sessions at the SAFSF Forum (submitted through our annual RFP process). 

Funders who are not SAFSF members and PSO representatives are welcome to submit session ideas for the SAFSF Annual Forum. All ideas for the Forum are submitted through a separate process advertised to our network once per year.

How will SAFSF evaluate or decide on proposals?

All proposals will be evaluated based on how well the issues relate to the interest of the SAFSF membership and our strategic priorities. In addition, we will assess proposal fit with current programming, staff capacity, and available resources.

We encourage you to collaborate with your SAFSF peers to produce programming. Please keep in mind that our programming rarely focuses on a single organization or individual. In addition, we encourage you to think expansively and express how your idea might share relevant lessons learned for our national network that is working on many different issues, geographies, scales, and strategies.

How will SAFSF assist in developing a program or event?

When a proposal is accepted, SAFSF will provide the following assistance:

  • Consulting and planning regarding potential speakers, content and framing;
  • Schedule and facilitate a speaker prep call (if support is desired by the organizer);
  • Registration and other programming logistical support;
  • Promotion to the SAFSF network;
  • Program evaluation.

What is the timeline for development of a webinar or member briefing?

SAFSF members can submit proposals year-round. We generally plan our program calendar a minimum of 3-6 months in advance. Depending on the programming schedule in front of us, program ideas may need to be calendared 4-6+ months in the future. We are open to urgent/time-sensitive program ideas and can adapt quickly when needed to engage a timely opportunity.

Are there costs to host a webinar or member briefing?

There is no cost for SAFSF members to develop an online session; this is a member benefit. We provide a modest financial donation to non-funder speakers to recognize the time and expertise they provide to SAFSF programming. We encourage members to consider these costs in their planning. For any sessions held in person, funder hosts are expected to cover the costs of travel and lodging for their non-funder speakers. 

I have an idea for an engaging speaker. Can I share my speaker idea with SAFSF even if I don’t have a suggestion for programming?

Yes! SAFSF encourages our members to share ideas for dynamic and engaging speakers that we should know about as we develop programs and events for our membership. We often seek new and dynamic speakers who could serve as a panelist or moderator during other programs we are developing. Log into the SAFSF member portal to share your speaker idea here.

I have other thoughts or feedback I’d like to share with SAFSF. How can I do so?

SAFSF welcomes feedback, suggestions, and thoughts from our members at any time. Share your thoughts with us in our feedback form by logging into the SAFSF member portal here, or reach out to our staff.

How do I submit a session or speaker idea for consideration?

Share your proposal and/or speaker idea here. You will need to log into the SAFSF member portal to submit your idea.