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Current SAFSF Focus Areas


Each focus area above links to a separate page for background, resources, and the charge to philanthropy. We’ll be adding to these pages as our network learning and action progresses. These three focus areas offer multiple points of intersection with almost every one of the 60+ Areas of Impact our members are funding in each year. While there will be work outside these focus areas, we believe that by targeting our efforts, every funder in our network will be able to engage in wider conversations and come away with new partners and actions that are relevant to their specific areas of work at their own scope and scale.

We are committed to ensuring that our conversations and activities consistently include honest and thoughtful analysis of the racial equity implications of both the problems and solutions on the table. Additionally, the inherent connections between rural communities and farming and food production makes it critical for us to consistently lift up the impacts on rural communities of the issues and solutions we explore within our network.

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