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For over 20 years, SAFSF has been the leading national membership organization for philanthropy and impact investors committed to creating an equitable and sustainable food and agriculture system. Our Network of 100+ member organizations includes foundations, community development finance institutions (CDFIs), funding collaboratives, and re-granting organizations. SAFSF membership offers networking, learning, professional development, and strategic collaboration opportunities. We are committed to racial equity and social justice.  Join us for great impact if you are a values-aligned funder supporting sustainable agriculture and food systems.

Member Benefits

Our network thrives on active member participation. Key benefits include:

  • Member Portal and Listserv—Access to exclusive recordings, member rosters, and a forum to connect with other members.
  • Customized Data Insights—Request customized data reports to inform your funding strategy and identify funders with similar interests.
  • Communities of Practice—SAFSF members can join our Learning Communities. Currently, we offer groups tailored to Small Funders, Health Funders, and Indigenous Food Systems, led by member co-chairs and supported by SAFSF staff.
  • Annual Forum—Enjoy inspirational learning, dynamic connections, and community-building opportunities. Members receive discounted registration for their organization.
  • Policy Insights—SAFSF provides cutting-edge insights on policy change in food and agriculture. Stay informed with our monthly members-only email newsletter on key policy issues in sustainable agriculture and food systems.
  • Networking—Connect with new and experienced funders across various issue areas, funding types, and geographies.
  • Issues Alignment—Collaborate with strategic partners to co-develop or co-fund impactful projects with SAFSF strategic convenings and working groups.
  • Professional Development—Access growth opportunities, serve on committees, or join our Board of Directors.   


The missions of our members should be in alignment with SAFSF’s own mission and values, as well as the SAFSF Commitment to Racial Justice

We welcome those organizations and individuals who:

  • Operate in alignment with SAFSF’s core values;
  • Use grantmaking, lending, or investing as a core strategy to fulfill their mission and relate to SAFSF colleagues as peer funders, not in a fundraising capacity;
  • Share SAFSF’s goal of increasing viability of and funding for sustainable agriculture and food system organizations and enterprises;
  • Support relationship-building, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration within SAFSF’s framework;
  • Share experiences, perspectives, and expertise with SAFSF colleagues;
  • Provide financial support for SAFSF, its programs, and its initiatives; and
  • Show an interest in enhancing the reputation of and expanding opportunities for SAFSF.

Participation in SAFSF events and committees is open to all individual donors, executive and program staff, and members of the Board of grantmaking or investment organizations. Development or fundraising staff are not permitted to participate in SAFSF events or to subscribe to our listserv.

Interpretation of these criteria is at the discretion of the SAFSF Board of Directors. The Board of Directors also reserves the right to review a member’s fulfillment of these criteria at any time. Members may not use their participation in SAFSF for promotional purposes or for private gain. SAFSF reserves the right to deny membership or remove a member if an applicant’s or member’s actions reflect poorly on the field and might harm SAFSF’s reputation, staff, members, or member organizations. While not an exhaustive list, lawsuits, federal or state investigations, consumer boycotts, or other significant actions against an applicant, member, or affiliated organization would raise such concern. 

Application Process

Applications are reviewed quarterly (January 15, April 15, July 30, and October 15) by our Membership Committee and Board of Directors. Eligible organizations use grantmaking, lending, or investing as core strategies. We invite organizations to join as collaborative peers, not for fundraising purposes.

Ready to join? Contact Angie Boone, Member and Development Associate, at [email protected] for an application and to learn more.

Membership Dues

Member organization annual dues are based on total grantmaking or investment that supports sustainable agriculture and food systems work. 

Annual SAFS-related grants or investmentsFoundation/InvestorsCDFIs/Regranting Organizations/Community Foundations