The Board of Directors accomplishes much of its work through committees, which undertake work delegated by the board, make recommendations to the board for discussion and action, and enhance board productivity. Our committees help maximize the board’s productivity in multiple ways:

  • Dividing the workload. Having separate committees is a simple way to distribute responsibility for the many tasks the board needs to tackle.
  • Handling complex issues. A committee can research and break down complex issues and present its findings to the board, which can then move forward to making decisions.
  • Engaging with issues more deeply and consistently than the board as a whole could. A committee’s more limited focus and deliberation helps to ensure more thorough and ongoing oversight of SAFSF.
  • Attracting and involving newcomers. Many of SAFSF’s committees are open to non-Board members which encourages greater engagement with the network of both members and non-members.
  • Offering professional development opportunities. Committee service allows individuals to offer their expertise to the organization, increase their involvement, and develop their leadership skills.

SAFSF recognizes that diversity of perspective, lived experience, professional, and personal skills among its members will support balanced discussion and debate which, in turn, will enhance decision-making. We shall seek to fill vacancies for all committees by considering candidates that bring relevant expertise and experience. When reviewing candidates with the appropriate expertise and experience, we shall seek to represent the diversity of our member organizations with regards to organizational funding areas, scope, size, and geographic location, as well as the diversity of individuals with regard to gender, age, race, ethnicity, geographic location, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious expression, and more. All committee members must support SAFSF’s core values of collaboration, equity, respect, stewardship, and integrity.

Learn more about the role and terms of Chairs and Members for any committee:

Committee Structure

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