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August Picks of the Month

Don’t Say Backpack Tax—this article shares options for financially supporting wildlife conservation in a way that doesn’t fall solely on land owners and agriculture producers as it currently does. “Landowners and agricultural producers who own and manage 74% of land in the continental US supply the majority of wildlife habitat and bear the personal financial cost in doing so. Landowners incur these costs in a multitude of ways, from the opportunity cost of keeping land open and intact, to annual operational costs and active investments in habitat and/or species conservation.” With outdoor recreation becoming more popular, wildlife is often pushed onto private land or agricultural land, competing with livestock and damaging crops and infrastructure. This is raising the question if those enjoying the outdoors should also contribute to offsetting these impacts through more taxes on the outdoor industry. So far that is not a well-received option.

‘Living Soil’ Documentary Reaches Over 4 Million Views Worldwide—the Soil Health Institute produced this educational film about the importance of soil health in regenerative land management and the necessity of soil rehydration in combating climate change. View the full documentary on YouTube.

The Tribal Agriculture Fellowship was created to support Native college students in their pursuits in the agriculture field. This fellowship launched at the end of 2021 and funded its first cohort in 2022. Read their annual report from the 2022-2023 academic year. They recently announced their 2023 fellows as well!