Member Spotlight: Butterfly Equity Foundation

“I serve as the Butterfly Equity Foundation’s first and sole staff member. The Foundation was created in tandem with its parent company and funder, Butterfly Equity, a food-focused private equity firm. I stepped into my position about 2 ½ years ago to help formally launch and lead the Foundation. From its start, the Butterfly Equity Foundation has focused on issues surrounding food equity here in Los Angeles County.

After having always worked in a collaborative environment, I suddenly found myself working from home and without coworkers. It was certainly peaceful! However, I quickly began to miss learning from and operating as a team. Luckily, I had the good fortune of being acquainted with Virginia Clarke through my previous work and was familiar with SAFSF. Meeting with Virginia and then joining SAFSF was one of the first things I did when I started in my role. I expected to find a place where I could learn about the interconnectedness of our food system and simply gain a greater understanding of the food funding landscape. After attending nearly every webinar that SAFSF produced for that first year (really not kidding here), I found all that I expected. What was unexpected is that I also found a community that is wonderfully generous with sharing information and advice, a staff who routinely goes above and beyond in every way, and a universally collaborative spirit. I also made some new friends along the way.

I am truly grateful for SAFSF. If you’re not already a member, I encourage you to become one. If you already are one, consider getting more involved. I served on last year’s Forum Committee and am currently on the Membership Committee. Both have been personally meaningful and wonderful ways to give back and show my appreciation for this vital organization. In the spirit of SAFSF, if you’re feeling a little siloed in your work don’t hesitate to reach out and say hello. Lastly, I hope to see every one of you at the Forum!”

Emily Parker, Butterfly Equity Foundation

For more information about membership, contact Angie Boone, Membership and Development Associate, at [email protected].