Member Spotlight: Thornburg Foundation

“I serve as the Thornburg Foundation’s Food and Agriculture Policy Officer, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The Thornburg Foundation bases its work in food and agriculture on a vision wherein all New Mexico’s residents are able to benefit from robust food and agricultural systems that are locally embedded. As a newcomer to philanthropy, SAFSF has helped me in understanding this sector by fostering new connections and gaining perspective on policy. 

I have found a lot of pathways to expand my work by working with SAFSF staff. Virginia’s connections helped us find a program evaluator that fit our needs. We just completed the evaluation and are now implementing the recommended actions. Traci gave her input on our Foundation’s Strategic Initiative and is working with me to offer another perspective on policy outcomes. Through the SAFSF Forum, I’ve met other funders with similar goals and learned new methods to implement into my program such as data tracking. I also have had the privilege to serve on the 2022 SAFSF Forum Advisory Committee and currently am serving on SAFSF’s membership committee. With these roles, I’m expanding my passion for this network, my knowledge of philanthropy, and getting to meet other funders. I would encourage you to attend our upcoming 2023 SAFSF Forum, or serve on a committee, or sign your organization up for SAFSF membership, each opportunity will greatly expand your network and thinking.”

Dave Nezzie, Thornburg Foundation 

For more information about membership, contact Angie Boone, Membership and Development Associate, at [email protected].