SAFSF Shares Beliefs About Job Postings

SAFSF Shares Beliefs About Job Postings

SAFSF is always eager to circulate exciting employment possibilities to our network and beyond. We are also eager to make sure our organizational processes are in alignment with our values. To that end, going forward SAFSF will post only those job announcements that include information about salary. Here’s why we’ve made this decision: 

  1. Providing information about salaries from the get-go indicates that the organization is mindful of salary parity and transparency and helps to establish a foundation for a more trusting and respectful relationship with prospective employees.
  2. Imagine you are applying for a new job. Most of us would certainly want to know if the income will cover our household costs before investing time and energy into applying. Let’s respect an applicant’s desire to make that same determination. 
  3. Titles don’t always tell the full story of what responsibilities are included in a job. Salary provides an additional benchmark for potential applicants. 
  4. Posting a salary range eliminates the negotiating guessing game for potential employees. Let’s make sure it’s a level playing field for all candidates regardless of gender, race or intersectional identity. 

SAFSF also encourages employers to include up-to-date information regarding additional benefits ensuring candidates have the most full picture of compensation going into the application process. 

We all know that applying for new jobs is stressful. Let’s do what we can to minimize that stress by acting in ways that respect those applying, provide clarity about what’s possible, and lead to excellent hires. 

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