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Connecting the Dots Between Human Health, Soil Health, & Plant Diversity

November 14, 2019 @ 11:30 am 12:30 pm PST

Sponsored by the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation
Co-sponsored by Health & Environmental Funders Network and Environmental Grantmakers Association
Hosted by the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders
Registration for this webinar is limited to funders only.
Funders are considered those organizations using grantmaking or investments as a core strategy to fulfill their mission and who make grants or invest more than $50,000 annually.

The saying “You are what your food eats” points to the impact of soil on the healthfulness (nutrition) of our food. What does your food eat?

– Grass-fed cattle eat living plants whose nutrient levels reflect those of the soil.

– Chickens eat feed that varies in nutrition-based, in part, on the health of the soil where their feed was grown.

– Any ‘pasture-raised’ animal eats a different diet than their conventionally raised cousins.

– Row crops growing in healthy soils are ‘fed’ nutrients and minerals by microbes in the soil. That’s not true when plants are ‘fed’ synthetic fertilizers.

– Grapes are more flavorful and nutritious when grown in soil with healthy microbiology.

Meanwhile, the nutrient and mineral levels of our vegetables have decreased over the last 75 years (per the USDA), and we have a diet-related health crisis in this country. We need nutrient-dense foods and that’s one good reason to take steps to improve soil health.

How do our growing practices influence the nutrition we get from our food and our health overall? Join us for a webinar to discuss microbiomes, nutrient levels, phytonutrients, Omega 6:3 ratios, the nutritional difference between wild kangaroo and feedlot beef, and more.


Nicole Masters, agro-ecologist
Fred Provenza, professor emeritus of Behavioral Ecology in the Department of Wildland Resources, Utah State University
Greg Horner (moderator), consultant, Regenerative Agriculture Foundation

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