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COVID-19 & Meatpacking: The impact of production and processing consolidation

June 18, 2020 @ 10:00 am 11:00 am PDT

This pandemic has clearly shown us the fragility of a livestock production and processing system that concentrates all the power in the hands of a few companies, which extract profit at the costs of safety and health throughout the supply chain. COVID-19 has revealed the direct connection between systemic inequity and instability, evidenced by this system’s significant impact on worker safety, supply and distribution chains, and farmers, ranchers, and communities, in particular Tribal communities. Join us for a discussion that will promote deeper understanding and action on this issue. There are a host of issues that stem from the consolidation and concentration of the meatpacking industry.

For this 75-minute video call, we intend to focus on the following:

  • An overview of the consolidated nature of meat production and processing and the issues this pandemic has revealed;
  • The importance – and potential – of meeting the needs of everyone in the supply chain, including those outside of it like Tribes;
  • The role of small scale production/processing systems; and
  • Opportunities around policy initiatives surfacing to support smaller scale, regionally-based meat processing facilities.

Areas of Impact:

Animals  |   Consolidation  |   Economic Viability  |   Infrastructure  |   Institutional Markets  |   Regional Food Systems  |   COVID-19  |   Native American/Tribal  |   Policy Advocacy  |   Farmer Technical Assistance  |   Food Access  |   Labor  |   Racial Justice  |   Rural Communities  |   Social Justice  |   Human/Public Health

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