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Fibers Roadmap Stakeholder Webinar

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Fibers Roadmap Stakeholder Webinar

January 14, 2021 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am PST

The SAFSF Special Project on Sustainable Fibers and Textiles recently launched The Fibers Roadmap: Integrated Capital Opportunities to Support Revitalization of U.S.-Grown Fiber, Textiles, and Leather. This report lays out a seven-year vision for values-based investment and funding needed to support regenerative fiber agriculture and revitalize U.S.-based textile processing and manufacturing.

This research project drew on more than 60 interviews with fiber farmers and ranchers; processing businesses along the supply chain (mills, tanneries, etc.); brands and other supply chain experts; and funders and investors.

Findings from these interviews have been synthesized and distilled into a seven-year financial Roadmap identifying five key Gaps and Levers where integrated philanthropic and investment capital would have the greatest impact in rebuilding the “missing middle” of the supply chain.

This will be a fully public webinar open to all farmers, ranchers, supply chain businesses, brands, researchers, agency staff, and other interviewees and stakeholders for the Roadmap. We’ll cover an overview of Roadmap content, feature 3 of the case studies from the report, and leave time for an update on our emerging next steps and for your questions.

Featured Case Studies:

Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute/Winona’s Hemp, LLC

Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute / Winona’s Hemp and Erin Axelrod, LIFT Economy – The vision of AAI / Winona’s Hemp is to nurture a tribal hemp economy in North America, as a replicable model of organic, innovative and equitable Indigenous economics. AAI will create a regional strategy for the restoration of a fiber hemp economy, focused on northern plains and great lakes Indigenous nations, with an emphasis on repairing our relationship to our earth and each other.

Apparent Ventures LLC

Lara Burton and Marta Kephart, Apparent Ventures – Apparent Ventures is a bio-materials company whose mission is to transform invasive plant biomass into bio-benign alternatives to traditional and synthetic textiles. These plants are disrupting ecological processes and functions resulting in desertification, a decrease in indigenous key stone species, increased fuel loads and an overall loss of biodiversity.

Fibrevolution LLC

Shannon Welsh and Angela Wartes-Kahl, Fibrevolution – Fibrevolution will launch the first bast fiber mill in the United States in over 50 years in Oregon. The mill will operate with machinery from Europe to process fiber flax and eventually hemp when the regulations regarding production are provided for growers and mills. The mill will serve as a blueprint for additional locations on the East coast and Midwest.

Areas of Impact:

Agricultural Products  |   Animals  |   Fiber/Textiles  |   Funding Strategies  |   Investment/Lending  |   Policy Advocacy  |   Justice  |   Equity  |   Labor  |   Social Justice  |   Markets  |   Direct Marketing  |   Economic Viability  |   Infrastructure  |   Institutional Markets

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