A Funder Toolkit on Climate, Health and Equity

As the impacts of climate change accelerate in communities across the country, funders in every sector face immense needs for funding and investment—especially in communities that are disproportionately impacted. The challenges are profound, as is the historic opportunity to embed a culture of health, eliminate longstanding inequities, improve the environment, and reshape our communities around the needs of people.

Exciting efforts are emerging across the country. But meeting this moment will require philanthropy to work ambitiously, strategically, at scale, and across sectors. To support this, SAFSF is one of eight funder networks announcing the creation of Investing at the Frontlines: A Funder Toolkit on Climate, Health, and Equity. The aim is to help philanthropy accelerate funding, advance strategy, and expand cross-cutting partnerships, especially by supporting highly impacted communities and populations in their own solutions-focused work.
Whether climate change, health, and equity work is already a priority, one dimension of your work, or a new interest, we invite you to use the toolkit to see how you can support critical work at the frontlines of climate change:

Designed primarily for funders, the toolkit may also help nonprofits working at the intersections of climate change, health, and equity. Bookmark the toolkit and pass on the link to colleagues who might find it a useful resource!