Case Studies from the Roadmap

Case Study businesses profiled in The Fibers Roadmap are seeking a total of $12 million by 2021 and more than $50 million in specific support over the next three years, including opportunities for grants, loans, guarantees, Program Related Investments, traditional investments, VC funds, and more.

A map of the United States with icons indicating the location of the case study businesses and the crop/process the business focuses on.

1. Anishinaabe Agriculture Institute/Winona’s Hemp, LLC

2. Apparent Ventures LLC

3. Botanical Colors

4. Circular Systems SPC

5. Fibrevolution LLC

6. Huston Textile Company

7. Native American Fiber Program

8. Other Half Processing SBC

9. Pergamena Parchments & Leathers, Inc.

10. Stony Creek Colors

11. TS Designs / Solid State Clothing

12. Wild Valley Farms